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Heat Reflective Paint

A remarkable new heat-reflecting roof coating utilizing revolutionary Reflective Technology to reduce the indoor temperature in hot weather. It consists of specialty chemicals and high-quality polymer which reduces the absorption of heat. The unique Reflective Technology effectively reflects the U.V. and I.R rays which reduces roof temperature up to 20°C*.



  •  Heat reflective coatings

  •  Reflects 85% UV, 90% IR rays*

  •  Ozone Layer Protection

  •  Anti-corrosive

  •  Prevents leakage

  •  Easy application on any surface

  • Repels Dirt avoiding contamination

  • Prevents fading and the growth of moss & lichen

  • 100% waterproof

  • Prevents peeling and cracking of the surface.


  • Reduces roof temperature up to 20° C*

  • Reduces ambient temperature inside room by 4-6° C*

  • Reduces water temperature in over-head tank by 10° C*

  • Reduces air-conditioning and energy costs

  • Improves life of the roof and reduces maintenance

  • Cool roofing leads to cooler urban temperatures helping to reduce greenhouse

  • emissions.


-Environmentally friendly green technology utilizing 100% water-based acrylic polymers with very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Advanced polymer chemistry for ultra durability.

Of Application

  •  Offices

  •  Homes – especially those on top floor

  •  Industries and industrial workshops (sheds)

  •  Hotels

  • Temple floors

  •  Water tanks

  • Cinema halls

  • Poultry and Cattle sheds

  • Garages

  •  Water pipes

  •  Pavements

  •  Cold Storage

  •  Army Barracks

Note: This product is tested and approved by MTI (Momentum Technologies Inc). 1507 Boettler Rd, Uniontown, OH 44685.

*Product Packaging and branding is fully customizable 

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